Seven Pillars Institute’s Financial Ethics Training Video Series: Ethics in Finance is Good!

A Video Series for Financial Ethics Training

The purpose of the SPI Financial Ethics Training Video Series, Ethics in Finance is Good! is to counter the view that ethics in global finance cannot be taught, and to counter it in a succinct, insightful, and humorous way. The Series consists of teaching videos for practitioners that are brief, thought provoking, and entertaining. The Series shows financial ethics in theory and in real life application.

The Series will consist of roughly 12 episodes. Each episode is about two to three minutes in length, and encapsulates two to three major ideas. The first episode is an introduction to the series. The episodes following the Episode 1 will each focus on a single issue. For instance, one of the beginning episodes answers the question, “Why be Ethical?” The middle episodes will present ethics frameworks as evaluative tools. The later episodes of the series spotlight a typical ethical problem in a specific sector of finance such as investment banking, sales and trading, and money management.

The complete Series will help financial services companies in financial ethics training for their professionals. Compliance and ethics departments will discover in the Series an efficient, cost-effective, and handy way of ethics training. Professionals who watch the series will learn that ethics is not simply emotive or expedient, but based on sound reasoning. The Series should help learners think rationally through the ethics in situations where they are uncertain how to act. When a finance professional in a company spots ethical issues and thinks through the ethical implications of an act, that person may well save that company much reputational damage and economic penalties.

This Video Series promises to add immeasurably to the ethics education of international finance practitioners, and improve the overall ethical culture of the global finance industry. The Seven Pillars Institute seeks sponsors, such as foundations and other grant givers, for the Series. The Sponsor’s name will be gratefully acknowledged and featured prominently in one, several, or all of the episodes of the Series, depending on the level of sponsorship.


Episode 1: Financial Ethics, a Performance Enhancer

Episode 2: Does Financial Ethics Make Sense?

Episode 3: Issue Spotting and Problem Solving

Episode 4: Ethical Theories

Episode 5: Utilitarianism