Interviews with Experts, Policy Makers, and Leading Thinkers





Matthias Huehn  : MBA Programs Undermine Ethics

John Boatright : An interview on his new book Ethics in Finance

John Francis Diaz: An interview on his TEDx talk on financial ethics

John Francis Diaz: A Video Interview

Richard H. Thaler: Interview on his new book Misbehaving



Superna Khosla : Integrated Reporting



L Randall Wray : The Failure of Orthodox Economics

David Vines and Nicholas Morris: Capital Failure and Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services


Regulation and Compliance

Bill Black : Financial regulation, Control Fraud

Thomas Baxter : General Counsel, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Dr. Nitish Singh: President, IntegTree Compliance Consulting
Associate Professor, School of Business, St. Louis University

Justice Sir William Blair: Queen’s Counsel
President of the Board of Appeal of European Supervisory Authorities


Investment Banks

Joris Luyendijk: Journalist and author of Swimming with Sharks: My Journey into the World of the Bankers



Andy Agathangelou: President of The Transparency Task Force