Author Guidelines and Article Submission

The following are some author guidelines for papers submitted to Moral Cents: The Journal of Ethics in Finance. Moral Cents is published by Seven Pillars Institute on a bi-annual basis.

Articles should be written in an accessible style suitable for a practitioner and an informed public readership, rather than solely for an academic audience. Submissions from non-native English speaking authors should be written in elegant, grammatically correct English. As the Journal promotes dialogue between various interested groups, use of specialist jargon, arcane or abstruse terms, and complex math or statistics are discouraged. Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 100 words.

Peer Review Process

Articles usually go through a peer review process whereby one or two in-house reviewers read and comment on the article. Authors may get a copy of reviewers’ opinions of the paper. The peer review process may be waived when authors are invited by Moral Cents to write an article specifically for the Journal.

Authors will be informed of the Journal’s decision to publish within one or two months from the date of submission.

Ethical Standards

Authors are responsible for adhering to the ethical standards for published works.

Results and information on the research performed must be accurate and complete.

All references should be fully cited in a logical, consistent manner.

Written permission for copyrighted material must be obtained.

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