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Financial Ethics Research & Basics

Seven Pillars Institute provides students and academics research and resources for a clear understanding of finance and ethics. We believe knowledge of finance is essential if young students are to grow up into financially responsible adults.

Education in ethics

Seven Pillars Institute’s three aspects of financial ethics

History of ethics

Examine the origins of ethics and its extensive branches in humanity’s history.

Ethical Decision Making

The religious and secular ethical traditions that are frameworks for ethical decision-making.

Identify ethical issues

We teach students to identify ethical issues that are specific to finance.


Financial Autonomy & Responsibility

Financially educated and responsible adults are less likely to be duped by unscrupulous financial service providers. They are more likely to take care of their own financial welfare and thereby not rely on state resources.

Uses of SPI’s Research and Resources

Further Your Research

With SPI you can have access to free reports and analyses for your own research. Our intelligence and data from our proprietary research is free for academics to cite without payment.

Publish Articles

Publish your articles in our journal, Moral Cents by submitting articles online. Readers can contribute to our online library of case studies centered on ethical issues. We welcome submissions of interviews with financial experts, policymakers and leading thinkers.

Teaching aids for financial ethics

Understand the synthesis of finance and ethics with SPI’s teaching aids for teachers.

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