Financial Ethics in Business

Financial Institutions

Financial Ethics in Business

SPI offers education on financial ethics topics for financial institutions in all functional areas: Investment Management, Sales, Trading, Private Equity, Investment Banking, and Commercial Banking.

Our ethics education seminars:

1. Ethical Awareness

Enhance ethical awareness by identifying ethical issues specific to the functional areas of finance.

2. Ethical Decision Making

Improve ethical decision making through reason and the use of ethical frameworks.

3. Ethical Actions

An education seminar offering guidance on how to act on these decisions.

Educate Your Employees

We offer lectures and talks on the whys and hows of financial ethics. We can facilitate small group seminars on financial ethics using our proprietary case studies.

A Valuable Resource for HR

SPI offers video training series on financial ethics. Our videos are short and can be viewed anywhere.

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Get the ethical edge over competitors by training staff not to get into damaging ethical problems

Industry Case studies

Descriptions and analysis of actual organizations dealing with ethical issues, using practical moral reasoning and frameworks

Market Behaviors/ Trends

Read about market behaviors and trends in articles published in our journal, Moral Cents.

Seven Pillars Applicable Resources

Industry-leading resources are free to access with the support of our generous donors.

Case Studies

Rigorous analyses of diverse ethics cases.

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Ethics 101

The history and basics of ethics.

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Video Ethics Training

Our video series for financial ethics training.

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Moral Cents is the only financial ethics journal publishing articles in the field.

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Textbooks and book chapters authored by SPI’s President, Dr. Kara Tan Bhala.

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A comprehensive finance and ethics dictionary for all users.

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