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Philosophical Foundations of Impact Investing

As pointed in our earlier piece, impact investing is about good profits: making money while doing good. Impact investing reminds us sound monetary returns and positive socio-environmental impact returns are not mutually exclusive, but can be complementary and even mutually enhancing. Here are the philosophical reasons why. While financial initiatives in favour of investments for social good emerged in the 1980’s, the impact investing label gathered momentum in the early 2000’s, especially from the onset of the 2008 global financial crisis. READ MORE…


Impact Investments: Good Profits?

Investors with high ethical standards can be constrained by the corporation’s duty to maximize shareholder profit. Pure nonprofits may disappoint with their low returns. A new way of doing good and making money is called impact investing. Impact investments provides funding opportunities for both social and financial returns. The main advantage of impact investments is its ability to capitalize on governments’ and charities’ lack of monetary resources. As a financial method, it has tremendous potential to solve pressing world issues. READ MORE…




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