Goldman Sachs Series






The Case of Goldman Sachs and 1MDB

By: Audrey Zhang In August 2005, anti-corruption officials began investigating 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) for alleged graft, triggered by reports that almost US$700 million from the lucrative deals issued for 1MDB by Goldman Sachs ended up in the pockets of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak. SPI investigates the alleged corruption claims… Read More

Goldman Sachs: Code of Ethics Post-2008

By: Aidan Balnaves James A company’s Code of Ethics is a form of best practice that allows the organization to embed values and behaviors in company culture. To be successful, the firm must undertake specific procedures, including training and professional development, managerial leadership and certification and enforcement practices. This article examines… Read More

Goldman Sachs and the ABACUS Deal

The following is a description of the parties, financial instruments, sequence of events, and transactions in The SEC vs. Goldman Sachs case, which was settled in the summer of 2010. THE PLAYERS The central players in the Goldman Sachs ABACUS deal in 2007 include the following: Goldman, Sachs & Co.… Read More