Bitcoin Series

Bitcoin Series








The Ethics of Bitcoin (Video)

Bitcoin is quite a phenomenon. This power point video gives a short history of the virtual currency. Some argue Bitcoin is evil. Is it? The video analyzes the ethics of the product and its uses. VIEW VIDEO…



More on the Ethics of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses encryption techniques to verify the transfer of funds. Bitcoin transactions take place on a peer-to-peer basis and consequently the currency operates independently of third party payment providers as well as government and banking regulation. Transactions using bitcoin are confirmed by a transaction ledger called the blockchain, which makes all transactions using the currency public to those within the bitcoin network. Bitcoins are created via the process of mining, which involves solving complex mathematically equations using powerful computers, the limit of 21 million bitcoin has been set on the amount that can be mined, after which no further bitcoins will be made available. The bitcoin software is open source, however, it can only be changed with the majority consent of those within the network. READ MORE…



Bitcoin: To Regulate or not to Regulate?

Einstein said technology has a tendency to exceed our humanity. In the midst of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology revolution, regulation becomes increasingly important. Effective ethical regulatory frameworks help us recognize our moral blind-spots as we confront cryptocurrencies and their underlying technological protocols

The not so distant 2008 global financial crisis (GFC) rekindled questions about the nature of money. Crises provide threshold moments when we doubt institutions we have long taken for granted and trusted. READ MORE…




Battle for the Soul of Bitcoin

  custom caption for imageBy Adam Bhala Lough   Adam Bhala Lough is the award winning American director and screenwriter of the soon to be released documentary on cryptocurrencies and crypto- anarchists, “The New Radical” (watch excerpt). He writes* here on Bitcoin and the three-way struggle for its soul. There is… Read More